Tse et Tse April Glass Vase

Tse et Tse Medium April Glass Vase


Hand blown articulated glass vases.

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Tse et Tse Medium April Glass Vase with Hand Blown Tubes

The hinges on the Tse et Tse Medium April Glass Vase allows you to arrange the set into several different shapes—an end vase can even be removed and the two tail ends can be joined to create a ring! Use single stems or choose several buds for each vase and you have all it takes to beautifully adorn this beautiful piece.

Product Details

  • Medium size
  • 21 interlocking tubes
  • Can be fragmented into two separate segments
  • Tubes may be individually detached
  • Zinc is slightly oxidized
  • Becomes frosted when in contact with water
  • Comes with a spare tube


  • 29″ long in total
  • Tubes: 5.9″ L x 1.2″  Dia.



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