About Collage Home

Collage Home’s designs are carefully curated by a team of professional designers including Grant Gribble, the owner of Gribble Interior Group. Our talented and professional designers personally select upscale home furnishings and accessories with a keen eye and are dedicated to staying on top of the latest decorating trends.

Collage Home is a Member of the College Park Partnership
Members of the College Park Partnership

Our ever-changing assortment of merchandise ensures that our customers have the best from around the globe at their fingertips, all available right here in Orlando. We understand that our clients demand beauty as well as functionality. Whether it be sophisticated work from local artists, a seasonably chic accessory, or the perfect gift for a special someone, our clients know that they will find it here.

Quality, customer service, and creativity are paramount. We are passionate about helping our clients create a personalized environment in their home that is as unique as they are. With decades of design experience, we help them not only to create a look, but to cultivate a lifestyle.

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