Antiques Vintage & Garden Show and the Art of Tablescaping with India Hicks

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India Hicks Luncheon

Visiting the Antique Vintage & Garden Show

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending one of my favorite events here in the Orlando area. Every year, the Council of 101, an organization within the Orlando Museum of Art, holds the Antiques Vintage and Garden Show at the OMA. Many antique dealers, orchid growers and outdoor garden purveyors show their wares, and on the first day of the show there is a luncheon and a guest speaker.

This year’s speaker was India Hicks, daughter of famed English designer of the 60’s and 70’s, David Hicks. The famous family members don’t stop there—her mother is Lady Pamela Mountbatten, the youngest daughter of the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and her Godfather is Prince Charles. She was even a bridesmaid in Princess Diana’s wedding! It goes without saying that India Hicks has lived a fascinating life.

India Hicks Luncheon

India Hicks and the Art of Tablescaping

I must say Miss India Hicks did not disappoint! The focus was her beautifully written and photographed coffee table book, Island Style (the follow-up to her earlier release, Island Life.)

Her stories of growing up on the English Countryside in a grand (GRAND!) Manor (Manse!), vacationing with her grandparents in India (her namesake) and anecdotes of a father who set the tone of design for the Mod 60’s were all absolutely captivating.  After seeing the world, India ended up settling on Harbour Island in the Bahamas in a beautiful home she and her partner renovated.

The interior photos of her island home are stunning and showcase her laid-back decorating style and finesse.  She is particularly adamant about her collections and her “tablescaping”, a term coined by her father.

India Hicks Luncheon

The art of tablescaping is something we have been doing at Collage Home for quite a while now. It’s a perfect way to merchandise many of our treasures.  Personally, I believe that it’s a splendid way to show off your prized objects—art, photos, books, vacation souvenirs, or whatever strikes your fancy. As the late David Hicks said, “It isn’t a matter of just connecting random objects on a table. Each object must be of first rate quality in itself; otherwise it really doesn’t work.”

Collage Home is great place to start adding to your collections. Our unique artifacts and objets d’art are ready to mix into your personal treasures! A good rule to collect by happens to be our golden rule here at Collage Home: “It’s in the Mix, Not the Match.”

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